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Principal's Communications


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Royal Sunset High School, the continuation high school of San Lorenzo Unified School District. I’m happy to welcome Romany Corella as our new assistant principal, as she transitions from teaching into administration.  She and I will work together to support our new and continuing students and staff.  While we always anticipate challenges, we welcome the opportunity for reflection and growth.  We are confident that the strength of our community will further bond us as learners so that we will collectively and individually experience success.  


Royal Sunset serves students, age 16 and above, who are credit deficient and will likely not meet the graduation requirements at one of the district’s three comprehensive high schools.  Traditionally, Royal Sunset has required 180 credits to graduate instead of the 220 credits required at Arroyo, East Bay Arts and San Lorenzo High Schools.  Because of the smaller student population and smaller class size, students get the individualized attention they need in order to succeed.  We are on the hexmester (every 6 weeks) grading system, allowing our students to earn credits at a faster rate of completion than a comprehensive site.  We also offer various ways for students to earn credits including online credit recovery, demonstrating competency by examination, independent contracts, and attendance of extra-curricular activities. 


This 22-23 school year offers students who were in grades 11 or 12 during the 21-22 school year to graduate if they earn the California minimum graduation requirements.  In other words, our School Board has decided to maintain the graduation requirement of 130 credits for students in the Class of 2023, which is lower than the 180 credit requirement at the comprehensive high schools in our district.  This will allow students who were adversely impacted by distance learning to have a greater opportunity to graduate.


Students who would like to transfer to Royal Sunset must see their counselor and/or counselor for an application. Students being accepted into Royal Sunset will be brought in at the beginning of a hexmester and must meet for an intake meeting with school staff and a parent/guardian.  We are located on the corner of Royal and W. Sunset in Hayward.  Please feel free to contact us at (510) 317-4411 for additional information and to ask whatever questions you may have. I look forward to speaking to prospective students and their families. 


In service,

Alex Harp