English 9/10 All periods and all students. Distance learning

Due to current circumstances, Royal Sunset High Students will go to Googleclassroom.com and  Log onto your google account.  Next, click on your classroom period and find your name. Once you see your name click on iNSTRUCTIONS and you will see your daily assignments listed for the time we have off.  I have invited all new students who don't already have an account to join in.

Here are the Class Codes:  Per. 1- 
pl4tyxy, Per. 2 - 74zibel, Per. 4 - 5tjvgjj, Per. 5 - rdbzgru, and Per. 6 - 3xv36ck.

My contact information is sburton@staff.slzusd.org. if you have any questions and/or problems. I am available daily Monday thru Friday from 10:00a.m to 3:00p.m. 
Reminder Steps:
1)  Log onto Google classroom and click on your period of the day.  If you have been moved around please check your previous class period that you were placed in and look for your name under that period.
2) Click on Instructions and you will see All your assignments.
3) Any questions please e-mail me at sburton@slzud.org.  If you can't access internet or google classroom, please stop by school and pick up hard copy of the packet