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Homework Help/Office Hours

Homework Help is available Monday-Friday from 11:30-12:00pm. 
          Zoom link can be found in the Royal Sunset High School Google Classroom. 
Teachers' Office Hours (zoom link is the same you use for their class) 
  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mr. Aveeno  1:15-1:45      1:15-1:45  
Mr. Contreras    1:45-2:15      
Ms. Corella    1:00-2:00      
Ms. Fields      2:15-3:00  7:00-8:00  
Ms. Heath    1:15-2:15      
Mr. Middleton    1:-15- 1:45    1:15-1:45  
Mr. Santi      2:15-3:15    
If you need to make an appointment for a different time reach out to your teacher during class, school email or via Remind. The above hours are NOT the only hours we are available to support you, please feel comfortable to schedule a different time. 
To access office hours use the same link you use for the teachers class. 
To access Homework Help use the zoom link posted in the schoolwide Google Classroom.