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Ms. Corella's Teacher Page

Hello and Welcome to US Government and Economics. 
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Currently, our year will be conducted on Zoom and Google Classroom.
Things you might want to know:
1. Please check your Gmail/Remind for the Zoom link.  
2. Log in to Google Classroom for the list of assignments. 
3. Please make sure you have access to a chromebook as some assignments cannot be done on your phone (no chromebook or wifi email [email protected])
4. Grades will be based on Zoom participation, classwork and homework. Each part is worth 10pts  (30pts per day).  150 points equals 1 credit.
5. Sometimes homework will consist of reading or watching the news, discussing it and connecting it to class. 
6. Yes, U.S. Government and Econ is important and yes, you can make a difference.  :) 
A little about me. I am a California native, I moved to the Bay Area 12yrs ago to teach high school and before that I worked in the construction industry back home. I feel very lucky to get to live here surrounded by interesting people and amazing food. I like to cook, paddleboard, read, research, treasure hunt, and surf (badly). If I wasn't a teacher I would be an architect, photographer, environmentalist, nutritionist, city planner,stylist,  or cargo ship pilot instead I get to learn about a million careers from all of you as you plan your next steps. 
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I will send out daily messages Mon- Friday

Homework Check-in

Tues 11:30-12:00

(zoom link in GC)


Office Hours 

Tues/Thurs 1pm-2pm

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and by appt.