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Today's realityGreetings Students, :) 
During these historically significant times there are some things you can do to earn credits to graduate in a timely fashion. 
      1. Go to Google Classroom (you can log in via your cell phone or other wi-fi device). I have invited all the new students so everyone will have access.  Assignments are arranged week by week. 
     2. If you do not have access to a computer or wi-fi please let the school know as we are still passing out devices. Email or that you need a chromebook/wi-fi.  
     3. Check in with me via email ( or via Remind (download the app-instructions on Google Classroom) or Google Classroom to ask any questions, check in or just discuss current events. Follow me on  Instagram @ms.corella2020
Misc. Things you might be curious about 
Each week of work is worth roughly 0.5 credit per class. 
I do give you participation points every time you contact me. 
Ms. Corella 
Please join Remind (it is app- download it)
join a classroom.

Remind Codes 

         Per 1   @3d7h77h

         Per 2   @k862c

        Per 3  @rshsread

         Per 4   @e7222b

         Per 5   @24g68g

I will send out daily messages Mon- Friday

Google Classrooms


1st period: whpyn3k

2nd period: nwvcev6

5th period: ut3nh6u

4th period: 7uzl2vf

English Class

3rd period: 3ae4vld